Climate Solutions Mapping Project

Put your climate solutions initiative on the map!

The Climate Solutions Expo and Summit helped us discover many great projects in Maine that are working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to assist Maine communities build resilience and sustainability in the face of global warming – see our Solutions Links page.

Now we need you to help us find more and put them on the map!

At this time, there is no resource in Maine that covers the range of climate solution efforts across the entire spectrum of politics, civic organizations, higher education, public education, religion, government, and business.  The aim of the Climate Solutions Mapping Project is to provide a central, one stop, neutral source of information for Maine citizens and groups looking to engage in responses to climate change.

We are developing a searchable web-based interactive map, to provide a collaborative and easily maintained tool with as close to real time information as possible.  We expect to go live in the spring of 2015!

Our goals:

  • To enable existing initiatives to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate, so that we may more efficiently and effectively move forward on our individual projects.
  • To make concerned citizens aware of existing initiatives and to promote their engagement in climate solutions.

See our list of great Founders and Sponsors on the sidebar.  Want to become a sponsor?  Click here to download a copy of our Sponsor packet and add your name to the list!

Your input is important!  Fill out our Volunteer page, or contact us to get involved:  <>

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